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Ways to Attract Visitors



The best Internet based marketing will involve interactions that take place on your web site. And these interactions cannot take place until someone visits your site. So proactively, and constantly bringing traffic in becomes the underlying engine of successful e-marketing.   Yes, we could hope that our site will show up on a search engine somewhere, and that this would drive sufficient traffic to sustain a marketing program. We might also be struck by a peace of returning space debris. The odds are about the same.  Common sense and experience shows that there are three primary ways to accomplish this:

Give people a good reason to visit your website:

  • Content: Provide unique, helpful, and ideally, hard-to-find- anywhere-else information.

  • Survey: Conduct a survey and offer to share the results with participants.

  • Contest/Prize Drawing: Everyone loves the chance to win something. It doesn't have to be a trip to Hawaii.

  • Features: Special content on a particular area of expertise; updated/added to regularly. (e.g. Monthly Time Management Tips).

  • Resources: A links page, a directory of professional associations, a conversion table, special clip art... what else?

  • Help/Advice: Solicit problems/questions in your area of expertise. Post your answers to the most common ones.

  • Humor/Quotes: Collect stuff that would appeal to your particular audience. Post in a "Stress Release" section.

 Make sure you actually invite them:

  • Stationary: Be sure that every bit of your stationary (including your envelopes) prominently displays your  URL WEBSITE ADDRESS

  • Special cards: If you intend to make lots of contacts through your site you might print a business card just for your site.

  • Mailing: Why not do a mailing to your postal list announcing your web site or some new content, or feature, etc.?

  • Links/partnerships: Exchanging links and/or developing alliances with kindred sites naturally widens your reach.

  • Mention: When you lecture, speak, or make presentations ALWAYS mention your site (at least three times). Mention your URL in your voice mail announcement.

  • Migrate from print: Regard all of your print communications -- brochures, etc. -- as migrating (and thus leading your audience) to your site.

  • Banners: Advertising banners work, but barely; so monitoring their effectiveness is essential.

  Create a natural impetus for them to return:

  • Usefulness: If your site has unique, useful information visitors are more likely to bookmark it. Suggest they do.

  • Contests: Monthly drawings (say for a signed copy of your latest book/cd/video) might encourage visitors keep coming back.

  • Features: Use monthly tips to keep traffic flowing. (The archive of these tips can become a book in the process.)

  • Forums: Threaded discussions on hot topics, particularly if they are moderated, generate return visits.

  • E-letters: An informative e-letter (like this one) provides the impetus and means to revisit.

  • Give them reasons: Constantly review and refresh your content using the seven guides in section one.

  • Invite them: Constantly review and refresh the ways you let people know about your site using the seven guides in section two.

More Ways To Get Visitors To Your Site

Pulling in Viewers ~Turning Viewers Into Customers


  • In the Internet world, building a web site is just the first step to success. Promoting your web site is your second step. Don't forget to use social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked in. The third step is giving people a reason to come, that is, make your web site content INTERESTING.

  • Think of your web site as store shelves. Empty or boring shelves = no customers. You must fill your web site with interesting and valuable content that your customers will appreciate and be able to use. Change the content occasionally to keep it fresh and keep your customers coming back. Here are some ideas to stock your shelves:

  • EXCLUSIVE OFFERS - Put special offers or coupons on your web site and tell customers. Bargains attract people, who will visit your site for the offer, and learn more about your business.

  • PRODUCT INFORMATION - Have a unique product or service? It's an easy sell! But what about products available anywhere? Why buy from you? Perhaps because you OFFER EXPERTISE (from you or publications), information your customers won’t get elsewhere. Or perhaps you ADD VALUE to the product, with instructions, tips, and advice. Use your TIPS and FAQs page for these.

  • NEWSLETTER - A regularly-updated newsletter repeatedly brings you to customers’ attention.

  • COMPANY HISTORY - Does your company have an interesting story? Share it!

  • EMPLOYEE BIOS - Help your customers put a name to a face with employee pictures, backgrounds, and areas of expertise.

You’ve already taken the first step to online success by building a web site. Now get the word out and give customers a reason to come. By combining promotion with effective content, your web site will attract the attention of your customers. Every time a customer comes to your web site, it's as if they've walked through your door. Be sure your web site is just as inviting as your store, shop or office. Web Hosting 

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